Warranty and Support

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3 different warranties can apply.
30 day RGV Appliance "in house" warranty.

This warranty is directly through RGV Appliance.  We warrant the appliance to be free of manufacturing defects for the first 30 days after purchase if the appliance is used for normal residential use and not abused.  If there is a failure during that time we will repair the item, cover the cost of the repair, replace with a similar iem at your discretion,  or take the item back and refund the purchase price of the item.

2 year CPS warranty

This is a 2 year warranty that begins 30 days after initial purchase.  It covers parts and labor for most mechanical failures. This company underwrites some of the extended warrantys for Lowes Stores.

Click here to see the 2 year CPS warranty

Manufacturer's warranty

The majority of our appliances are new or scratch and dent and have never been sold.  Manufacturers usually begin the warranty period on the day the appliance is purchased by the individual.  New and scratch and dent appliances have never been purchased so theoretically they come with a full manufacturer's warranty.  There can be issues with this as some manufacturers will decine warranty based on where the appliance was purchased or for other reasons.  Many manufacturer,s warranty claims will be honored.

We provide the 2 year CPS warranty so you don't have to worry

RGV Appliance does not offer any warranties express or implied other than what is represented in writing to the customer.  Terms and coverages are subject to the terms of the warranty provider.